W Energy Software Continues Rapid Upstream Software Market Expansion

TULSA— June 27, 2019 — W Energy Software, a leading provider of advanced oil and gas software, has added a large chemical and energy company as an Upstream client. The client is a public oil and gas company focused on rapidly expanding into the oil and gas industry.

“As we started to look at the upstream software solutions in the market, we quickly determined that W Energy Software’s upstream product has the most relevant and advanced software capabilities to support a rapidly expanding organization like ours,” says the Financial Analyst.

“Our upstream software was developed with input from our customers enabling us to deliver upstream ERP accounting solutions to meet today’s demands of the oil and gas industry, said Pete Waldroop, CEO of W Energy Software. “The market reaction to our upstream product has exceeded our expansion plans and enabled us to meet the needs of the largest oil and gas organizations.”

“The objective for this client was to select a software solution that could support the company’s rapid scaling of operations, they were confident in W Energy Software’s platform,” said Tracey Radi, Director of business development of W Energy Software. They quickly evaluated and selected key Upstream product.”


Modules in Production

  • ERP
    • Revenue Account
    • DO & Disbursement
    • Authorization for Expenditure
    • Joint Interest Billing
    • List of Abbreviations
    • Financial Accounts
    • Fixed Assets
    • Purchasing
    • Materials Inventory
  • Land management
  • Production Accounting


W Energy Software is the latest and most advanced solution in oil and gas accounting, operations and scheduling software. The company’s cloud-based fully-integrated software suite provides the best end-to-end solution in the market. Processing speeds 150 times faster than the next leading solution lead to huge gains in user time savings and operational efficiencies. W Energy Software consistently exceeds expectations while setting performance benchmarks for the industry. Learn more at wenergysoftware.com.


Upstream Products

Full Upstream ERP | Land Management | Field Operations | Production Operations and more




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