Measurement Milestones Part 5 – The Voice of the Measurement Community

Measurement Milestones Part 5 – The Voice of the Measurement Community


Although I’ve come to the final stop in the Measurement Milestones blog series, the journey will continue as the W Energy Software team delivers the future of measurement data management and continuously explores new paths to bring even greater value to energy professionals.  We’ve covered a lot of ground so far with the first couple of stops highlighting the values WE Measure should represent for measurement users and the need for change in measurement software.  And the last two milestones in the journey to the future of measurement discussed the market forces that are accelerating that change and examined why W Energy Software is not starting from scratch, in fact, we’re leveraging our cloud platform and existing measurement functionality to fast track delivery of WE Measure in 2021.

In this last post, I’d like to talk about the important role the measurement community is playing and that arriving at the future of measurement data management requires W Energy Software and users to co-own success.

Measurement is a critical artery of the energy business.  Measurement data is used for the allocation of production and interests. Measurement data is used to generate invoices and ensures fair and equitable transactions between parties.  Measurement data is used in regulatory reporting, inventory management, leak detection, and system balancing.  Measurement data can serve as a company’s scale, cash register, safety system. And so much more.  That’s why having new options for managing this critical data infrastructure is so important.  As W Energy Software sets out to provide choice in the market, we want to do so in a very transparent and responsible way that ensures what we build for the industry perfectly aligns and matches business needs.


We are building the future of measurement data management around the voice of the customer through the WE Measure Product Consortium.  This industry-led initiative is an effort to encourage early adopters of our technology so we can actively work with live digital oilfield assets and to address very specific pain points being experienced by measurement data users.  W Energy Software doesn’t want to design our measurement product based upon our expertise only, rather get in the trenches and work directly with a wide variety of measurement users to eliminate these pains and battle test WE Measure.

But the most important aspect of the Measurement Product Consortium is giving the industry representation in a technology initiative that will impact everyone in the value chain.  That voice of the customer needs to be heard during all stages of what W Energy Software is designing, testing, and deploying.  That will take effort from participating oil & gas companies, which is why W Energy Software is providing a wide range of incentives, including early access to WE Measure, prioritized support, reduced implementation fees, and even passes to WE Connect, our annual user group full of knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.



The WE Measure Product Consortium has attracted a lot of interest right out of the gate with charter members like Phillips 66.  The industry-backed WE Measure Product Consortium has gained the critical mass needed to make bold strides and deliver what the industry needs from upstream to midstream. We warmly welcome new WE Measure Product Consortium members.  Please reach out to the W Energy Software team if your team is interested in joining or if we can answer any questions about W Energy Software’s measurement product initiatives.  We look forward to building the future of measurement, together.



This is the last blog for our Measurement Milestones blog series. To catch up on the rest of the series, click here.




Stephen Anson, Stephen brings a vast amount of experience across both gas and liquids measurement to the W Energy Software team ranging from field maintenance activities, equipment design, and back-office measurement data management.  He held various engineering, management, and marketing roles for E&P companies, midstream companies, and manufacturers; always focused on measurement.  Throughout his career, Stephen has been committed to measurement excellence, business strategy, innovation, and data analytics.  His innovative thought leadership and creativity have contributed to the development of new industry standards, alternative methods for custody transfer, and patent recognition.  Stephen is a past president of the Rocky Mountain Measurement Society, an instructor and General Committee member for the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM), and a member of multiple committees for the American Petroleum Institute (API).


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