ROI Business Case: Moving off Legacy Systems to a Complete, Oil and Gas SaaS ERP

In the new normal of depressed oil prices, operators are realizing that outdated technology platforms in the back-office are holding them back.

Listen as presenters, Kate Stevenson and Robert Lovelace of NOVUS Consulting discuss how operators build an ROI case for switching their current legacy system to a complete oil and gas SaaS ERP. As a result, these operators are experiencing an increase in cash flow, the elimination of redundant costs, and a greater bandwidth for scaling their business.

In this Oil and Gas Journal Webinar you will learn:

  • How other O&G companies built the business case for migrating of legacy systems – and their ROI
  • How to leverage technology & automation to scale the organization
  • How to create a digital innovation culture with continuous improvement measures that drives employee satisfaction and ensures data quality


Presenters:  Mark Hill, CRO, W Energy Software;  Kate Stevenson, Founding Partner, Novus Consulting;  Robert Lovelace, Founding Partner, Novus Consulting


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