Unleashing Land Productivity with W Energy Software

With W Energy Software’s land management solution, the only limit is your imagination. Product guru Harrison Bedford walks you through an exciting tour of stunning GIS visuals and W Energy Software’s land dashboard, which enables users to slice their way through acreage with a few clicks to instantly view active leases and wells, average net revenue interest (NRI) and working interest, gross and net acres. Plus, get a sneak peek at W Energy Software’s new lease operating statement (LOS) reporting, generated on the fly from live data sources to give you an up-to-date picture of expenses, profitability and much more in this quick product demo!

Top benefits of W Energy Software’s Land Management Solution include:

  • Configurable – easily extend into new leases and onboard acquisition data.
  • GIS Visuals – beyond map markers, gain context and actionable intelligence.
  • Agreements – efficiently track obligations, payments, provisions, and acreage.
  • E-Calendar – built in and seamless tracking of payments and obligations.
  • Unified Platform – single version of the truth for leases, units, and well records.
  • Reporting – export data from any view to share or take to other applications.

W Energy Software brings land, division order, and accounting together in ONE unified solution, delivering a single version of the truth, driving higher levels of efficiency and data visibility, and automating workflows.