Land Management White Paper

5 Ways to Unleash Land Productivity

Legacy land management software creates unnecessary work, risks, costs, and frustration for the entire land department.  To succeed with fewer resources, your team needs modern land management technology that can provide an up-to-date and accurate view of land and ownership, including acreage held by production, shut-ins, and key lease previsions.

Valuable Land Management Strategies

In this land management white paper, you will learn how to unleash productivity in the land department by:

  • Ensuring lease, tract, well, and chain of title data integrity.
  • Synchronizing and cross-referencing well and lease records.
  • Automating payment approvals with clear audit trails.
  • Easily maintaining ownership to ensure accurate on-time owner payments.
  • Rapidly onboarding large acquisition datasets to maintain business momentum.    

W Energy Software’s land management software solution provides your land department with next generation capabilities to manage leases, easily refresh ownership, know about time-sensitive obligations, rapidly onboard acquisition data, and automate land administration processes.  Users also benefit from the cost savings and additional productivity provided through a unified cloud platform spanning all related midstream workflows, including division order, revenue distribution, and financial accounting.


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