Oil and Gas Measurement White Paper

W Energy Software’s Measurement Roadmap

Oil and gas measurement data management is essential to accurate custody transfer, hydrocarbon balancing, and calibration – from recording volumes at the wellhead, to transactions all along the energy value chain. Measurement professionals need data management capabilities that keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital oilfield, and the emerging needs of the measurement community.

The Future of Oil and Gas Measurement Data Management

In this white paper you will gain valuable insight into:

  • Defining the future of oil and gas measurement data management in terms of guiding principles.
  • The need for choice in oil and gas data management technology and the case for change.
  • Market forces that are accelerating change and, the need to do more with a lean team.
  • How W Energy Software is not starting from scratch and fast-tracking the future of measurement.
  • Why W Energy Software is centering its measurement solution around the voice of the customer.


W Energy Software’s WE Measure Product Consortium provides your team with access to next generation oil and gas measurement data management capabilities with an array of benefits for early adopters. Users also benefit from the cost savings and additional productivity provided through a fully integrated suite of cloud-based applications spanning upstream and midstream workflows.                                                                                             

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