Plant Accounting White Paper

7 Reasons to Replace Your Legacy Plant Accounting Software


Legacy plant accounting software saddles processors with exorbitant costs for outdated technology, resulting in slow and unreliable allocations, functionality gaps, and a lack of confidence in data that forces users to duplicate effort with excel workarounds.  By replacing your legacy plant accounting software with modern technology, your team can accelerate business performance and reduce costs.

Valuable Plant Accounting Strategies

In this plant accounting white paper you will learn how to confidently close your month faster by:

  • Improving user experience for greater plant accounting productivity.
  • Simplifying maintenance with nondisruptive software updates
  • Reducing reliance on manual Excel-based workarounds.
  • Building confidence in your plant accounting data and settlements.
  • Ensuring compliance with transparent system calculations and audit trails.
  • Accelerating processing speeds for allocations and other complex calculations.
  • Bringing workflows together on the cloud to accelerate related workflows.

W Energy Software’s plant accounting solution accelerates plant processing with modern technology to ensure accounting accuracy, eliminate black box calculations, and enhance user experience.  Users also benefit from the cost savings and additional productivity provided through a unified cloud platform spanning all related midstream workflows, including gathering, contract management, and financial accounting.


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