Production Operations White Paper

4 Steps to Rapidly Improve Operator Cash Flow


Lease operators and pumpers know best how to optimize wells they are responsible for, however a pervasive disconnect between the field and back office all too often impedes collaboration.  Coupled with underutilized production operations and non-op datasets, many producers leave money on the table.  Kevin Decker, a 30-year veteran of Intelligent Production Operations, explains how you can leverage your field production teams and harness data to maximize short-term cash flow.

Valuable Production Operations Strategies

In this production operations white paper, you will learn how to optimize production and uplift margins by:

  • Informing executive strategy with boots on the ground insights into production optimization.
  • Empowering field staff with the resources they need to implement immediate oil and gas production improvement and reward them for incremental gains.
  • Building a data-driven production operations culture to continuously cleanse, enhance, and utilize data to enrich decisions.

W Energy Software’s production operations solution provides a complete suite of cloud-based tools for field data capture, well data management, allocations, and production reporting.  Users also benefit from the cost savings and additional productivity provided through a unified cloud platform spanning all related midstream workflows, including production accounting, drilling and well work, AFE, JIB, and financial accounting.


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