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Explore Why Natural Gas Processors Make Us Their Top Choice to Replace Legacy Solutions

W Energy Software has recently replaced over 22 legacy plant accounting implementations – proving that midstream companies are ready for change. The key differentiator is confidence—confidence in modern ERP software built on the cloud, our unified platform and data architecture, and confidence in the W Energy Software team to stand by our product and customers.

7 Reasons You Should Replace Your Legacy Plant Accounting Software

Energy professionals are frustrated with the limitations of legacy solutions and ready for a change, which is why companies are switching to plant accounting software that increases productivity, reduces G&A costs, and builds confidence.

Enhancing Data Transparency and Accessibility

Legacy plant accounting software limits visibility into calculations, which translates to more time answering questions, resolving issues, and manual workarounds. Your software should simplify your life, not make it harder. Read More

Improving User Experience

Built in the 90s, legacy solutions force users to navigate confusing menus and use multiple screens to get information in context. W Energy Software enhances user experience with thoughtfully designed displays. Read More

Benefits of a Unified Platform

Poorly integrated legacy solutions are expensive to maintain and create data silos that impede plant accounting workflows. W Energy Software offers a unified platform with a common and consistent dataset. Read More

Making Upgrades Easy

Legacy solution providers unfairly force customers to choose whether they want to perform an expensive software upgrade or continue with an outdated version. W Energy Software’s all-inclusive licensing makes upgrades easy at no additional cost. Read More

Eliminating Spreadsheet Workarounds

Lack of trust in settlement, allocation, and other calculations combined with functionality gaps force users to perform routine work in Excel. Eliminate workarounds W Energy Software. Read More

Ensuring Compliance

Legacy plant accounting software has failed to evolve with new accounting standards and regulatory requirements, putting you at risk. Keep your data audit ready and ensure regulatory compliance with W Energy Software. Read More

Accelerating Plant Accounting Processes

Legacy plant accounting software can take hours to run settlement, allocations and other complex calculations, which often must be rerun several times. W Energy Software accelerates processing up to 150X faster. Read More


Cardinal Midstream relies on W Energy Software to accelerate residue gas plant accounting, ensure contract and meter accuracy, and streamline tax and customer reporting.

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There are a lot of software products on the market for the oil and gas industry. But there is only one product that boasts a completely customizable, on-site cloud system capable of processing complicated reports in minutes: ours. No black box required.


We charge one transparent fee for our entire suite of software, and over five years, you pay less for better technology. Plus, we don’t charge for upgrades, so you will never receive a surprise fee just to stay up-to-date.


We believe in collaborating with our clients to create lasting partnerships. That means we always provide you with the best possible service at no additional cost. When you tell us what you need, we listen and take action.


We have a single code stream, combining all enhancements into a single annual release and code stream that is available to all clients. No conversion efforts required. Our Support team is on point for the upgrade and go-live support.


Our integrated data architecture allows for unparalleled transparency and visibility. Further, intuitive user experience and innovative design supports rapid adoption and efficient performance so you can empower your workforce while accelerating business momentum.

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