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Find Out Why Upstream Companies makes W Energy Software Their Top Choice to Replace Legacy Upstream ERP Solutions

Top 5 Challenges Driving E&Ps to
Switch to a Modern, Cloud Based, UPSTREAM ERP

In today’s environment, driving down G&A costs and improving business agility are an imperative. Legacy upstream ERP software like Bolo and Excalibur poses multiple challenges for E&P companies. These include poor support, expensive upgrades, data integration requirements, overhead costs, and lack of product innovation. This, coupled with a difficult and at times contentious relationship with the legacy software provider, has sparked a rush to find the right modern, upstream oil and gas ERP partner. 

Here are the 5 top reasons why your peers are choosing to move off Bolo and Excalibur.

Bolo and Excalibur are built on Unidata, an operating system used in the 1990s which is now obsolete.  They are both products ‘frozen in time’, that require multiple workarounds to meet the needs of the business. Running critical operations on such outdated technology are risks upstream companies are no longer willing to take.

This is a common theme repeated among former Bolo and Excalibur customers – support tickets take far too long to be resolved, some even requiring a consulting effort to fix. Even worse, customers  are forced to pay for the support they need. This difficult situation leads to a contentious, and at times adversarial relationship with the legacy ERP vendor resulting in E&P companies looking for a long term technology partner committed to their success.

The status quo upstream ERP provider monetizes customer service, prioritizing billable support transactions over customer success. Customers find themselves paying for the resolution of a support ticket or a product enhancement that should be part of a product update. Worse still, the legacy ERP provider charges “change of control” fees when the customer’s business grows. All these result in higher, unpredictable support costs.

The chronic lack of investment in Bolo and Excalibur over the years has resulted in a frustrating user experience. No real effort has been made to make the user interface easy and intuitive or to make processes run faster and more efficiently. Specialized training is required, and multiple work arounds have to be built in order to achieve business needs, resulting in a lot of user frustration and wasted time and resources.

Upgrades require system down time, conversion efforts and IT help, making them a resource strain and resulting in additional overhead costs.  What’s more, customers are charged upgrade fees when they move to newer versions making the cost of staying on these legacy systems long term financially unfeasible.  It’s like paying full price for a 30-year-old used car.


W Energy Software empowers Rosewood Resources with its modern, cloud-based ERP solution purpose-built to solve upstream revenue disbursement, division order, JIB, and AP complexities.

What Our Clients Are Saying

A Modern Upstream Oil & Gas ERP Built on the Cloud

W Energy Software’s upstream customer count has grown by 80% in the last year as producers increasingly switch from legacy providers to our modern, unified ERP platform built on the cloud. Learn about our unparalleled support commitment and discover how W Energy Software’s upstream ERP platform for accounting, land, production operations, tax, and regulatory is helping our clients reduce their G&A costs, accelerate business performance and empower their workforce. Act now to replace expensive, unreliable upstream ERP software and discover for yourself why your industry peers are increasingly switching to W Energy Software. 



Seamlessly integrated with W Energy Software’s accounting solution, our land management suite provides powerful tools to manage your critical lease details, provisions, and division orders. As a result, your team can close out your month and cut checks to interest owners faster than ever.
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Switch to the only fully integrated solution for production, revenue, cost, and financial accounting. Rapidly perform monthly allocations and sales reconciliation, manage JIB transactions and invoices, and process revenue disbursement. Plus, manage AFEs, track fixed assets, and gain clarity into inbound expenses.

Production Operations

Equip pumpers, engineers and operations staff with state-of-the-art tools to capture pumper and SCADA data in the cloud, monitor assets with production dashboards, while optimizing production, drilling and well work.

Tax & Compliance

With out-of-the-box support for all major producing states, W Energy Software simplifies state and federal regulatory reporting. Plus, advanced auditing tools keep your organization compliant by tracing revenue at every stage.

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“The HKN Energy team selected W Energy Software because it is well designed, well priced, and built for the modern era with the cloud-based technology we were looking for,” 

 Caleb Welborn,  HKN Energy 

ONE Oil & Gas ERP Platform
Built for the Cloud


There are a lot of software products on the market for the oil and gas industry. But there is only one product that boasts a completely customizable, on-site cloud system capable of processing complicated reports in minutes: ours. No black box required.


We charge one transparent fee for our entire suite of software, and over five years, you pay less for better technology. Plus, we don’t charge for upgrades, so you will never receive a surprise fee just to stay up-to-date.


Truly collaborating with our clients to create partnerships is how our team innovative solutions.That means we provide you the best possible service at no additional cost. And it means that when you tell us what you need, we listen and we take action.


We have a single code stream, combining all enhancements into a single annual release and code stream that is available to all clients. No conversion efforts required. Our Support team is on point for the upgrade and go-live support.


Our integrated data architecture allows for unparalleled transparency and visibility. Further, intuitive user experience and innovative design supports rapid adoption and efficient performance so you can empower your workforce while accelerating business momentum.

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