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Solid advice and powerful insights are on tap from our team of experts who say it like it is on topics that matter. Upstream to midstream, each video is less than 5 minutes, perfect for an informative dose of bold thinking from master class energy professionals. 

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Stronger, Better, Faster: Product Focus for 2021 and Beyond

In this dose of Thought Leadership on Tap, VP of Product, Danielle Villegas, discusses the role technology is playing in the industry right now, how W Energy Software is growing their SaaS ERP platform to be better and faster, and how the voice of the customer is driving what’s to come.

Presented by: Danielle Villegas, VP of Product, W Energy Software

Measurement in a Moment: part 2

A man with a mission to modernize measurement – Stephen Anson gives an update on WE Measure, how the voice of the customer will shape the product, and the future of measurement data management.

Presented by: Stephen Anson, Director of Measurement, W Energy Software  

Measurement in a moment: Part 1

What do you get when you mix an avid road tripper, industry ace, and measurement trailblazer? Meet Stephen Anson, Director of Measurement. Get to know the man behind WE Measure, what he says is missing in measurement, and what the future holds. Watch now in this latest special edition of Thought Leadership on Tap


Presented by: Stephen Anson, Director of Measurement, W Energy Software

Lessons From an Energy Controller

Advice to controllers as we navigate 2020 and what’s to come, why people are moving toward cloud-based solutions and how to survive the next downturn. 30-year veteran energy controller, Kevin Throneberry shares his pearls of wisdom in this Thought Leadership on Tap video.

Presented by: Kevin Throneberry 

Moving Forward When We’re Stuck

With so much unknown in the industry and country, Pete Waldroop, W Energy Software CEO, shares his personal experience and perspective on how we can move forward during a time when we feel paralyzed by indecision or uncertainty. 

Presented by: Pete Waldroop, W Energy Software CEO

Improving business with a saas model

W Energy Software’s COO, Michael Tetzlaff,  discusses how companies can keep G&A costs down by adopting a SaaS model while also better protecting their data and increasing efficiency. 

Presented by: Michael Tetzlaff, Chief Operating Officer, W Energy Software

Creating a Customer Obsessed Culture

Pete Waldroop, W Energy Software CEO, discusses how leadership can help create a customer-obsessed culture focused on service, doing the right thing, and shared vision.

Presented by: Pete Waldroop, W Energy Software, CEO


Our team of energy professionals spans upstream and midstream accounting, land, production operations, transportation, processing, and more. Our expert advice is on tap so contact us now with your questions or to schedule a live, personalized product evaluation..