Transportation Management Software

Maximize Fleet Profitability & Track Commodities Across Any Mode of Transportation Including Truck, Rail, or Pipeline


Decrease operations overhead, reduce deadhead miles, and improve cash flow. PLUS  strengthen your value-added services with other capabilities such as Inventory.


Create invoices for commodities as well as transport charges, track inventory, and  improve margins via integration with pricing services such as OPIS and DTN.


Reduce transport costs. PLUS improve marketing operations, use detailed real-time movement data to better manage risk, and keep producers and customers up-to-date.

W Energy Software’s transportation management solution (TMS) boosts driver efficiency, shrinks back-office costs, ensures DOT compliance, and optimizes fleet movement for unprecedented supply chain visibility. Built on the cloud, our TMS can handle the complexities of today’s diverse transportation ecosystem and competitive environment to support bulk, cross-commodity marketing, and transport for crude oil, produced water, propane, refined products, and finished fuels.

With W Energy Software’s TMS solutions, carriers, brokers, and shippers can streamline their operations, maximize efficiency and grow their business.

Boost Driver Efficiency, Uplift Your Margins

Driver Utilization & Spend Visibility

Gain deep insight into driver utilization and KPIs. Analyze fuel usage, and accurately accrue for tax.

Next-Gen E-Ticketing

Easily automate field ticket creation and power any type of work order in the field with automated tasks and workflows.

Dispatch & Smart Scheduling

Automate dispatch fleet-wide and intelligently optimize driver routes in real-time to the nearest pick-up or drop-off. Automatically create invoices, eliminate invoice factoring with faster payments, and simplify driver payroll.

Lean, High Performing Operations

Shrink your back-office costs and outperform with lower G&A costs. Then pass on savings to customers for competitive advantage.

Prevent Costly Inefficiencies

Avoid long hauls with tanks empty and bypass traffic and locations where trucks are waiting in line.

Intermodal Transportation

Track any commodity across any mode of transportation, including truck, railcar, unit train, vessel, barge, or pipeline.

Improve ESG Performance

Immediately optimize fuel usage and emissions, plus benchmark your fleets carbon footprint and identify best performing equipment.

Improve Operational and ESG Performance

Real-Time Transportation Management Software

Our suite of transportation management solutions was developed with the commodity transportation eco-system in mind, and built from the ground up to run in the cloud. 

The suite is comprised of a cloud-based product called AXLE Hub and a mobile app called TollTagger. Our products are fully integrated and work together to pass data in real-time. W Energy Software provides integration with other vendors’ ELD, accounting, and CTRM systems to maximize overall value for our customers. ,

Maximizing ROI from Transportation Management Solutions

W Energy Software’s TMS Solution provides unprecedented supply chain visibility and enables our customers to manage their transportation needs across any mode – pipeline, truck, rail, vessel, or barge – through a best-in-class transportation management solution.


Comprehensive TMS Software and Accounting in ONE Solution

Our transportation and logistics software connects your drivers and back office in real-time over the cloud and mobile networks. As a result, you can operate at peak efficiency with a  lean team while benefiting from the lower cost of owning traditional transportation management solutions and reducing driver turnover with an intuitive mobile app that leverages cutting edge algorithms to guide their route and automate manual tasks along the way.

Our Transportation Management Solution is Making Headlines

Our TMS software is rapidly grabbing market share and gaining the attention of leading media. Check back soon for even more headlines about W Energy Software’s latest clients and updates on our transportation and logistics software.

ONE Oil & Gas ERP Platform
Built for the Cloud


There are a lot of software products on the market for the oil and gas industry. But there is only one product that boasts a completely customizable, on-site cloud system capable of processing complicated reports in minutes: ours. No black box required.


We charge one transparent fee for our entire suite of software, and over five years, you pay less for better technology. Plus, we don’t charge for upgrades, so you will never receive a surprise fee just to stay up-to-date.


We believe in collaborating with our clients to create lasting partnerships. That means we always provide you with the best possible service at no additional cost. When you tell us what you need, we listen and take action.


We have a single code stream, combining all enhancements into a single annual release and code stream that is available to all clients. No conversion efforts required. Our Support team is on point for the upgrade and go-live support.


Our integrated data architecture allows for unparalleled transparency and visibility. Further, intuitive user experience and innovative design supports rapid adoption and efficient performance so you can empower your workforce while accelerating business momentum.

Want to streamline your
bulk commodity transportation?