W Energy Software Trust Center

The business continuity of our clients is the #1 priority for W Energy Software. Our Trust Center explores the many ways we diligently work to protect our systems, data, and ultimately affirm the trust our clients place in us.

Today, information security is an essential skillset for every business, making it imperative for energy companies to defend against vulnerabilities in their software supply chain. At W Energy Software, we have set the highest standards for our own internal information security and have put the best processes, people, and technology in place to ensure the utmost integrity, availability, and recoverability of the business data that clients entrust with us. Rest assured that your systems and business information are safe at W Energy Software and that we remain vigilant every second of the day and remained poised to tackle the most challenging situations in cyberspace.

Maximum Software Supply Chain Security

Software Bill of Materials

We have taken the lead in energy software supply chain security as the only vendor to offer our clients full visibility into the open source and third-party code W Energy Software uses to build our solutions, delivered in the Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) open standard format.

Amazon Web Services Strong

W Energy Software deploys data and applications on the best-in-class cloud to take advantage of AWS cross-region data replication, application level firewalls, and managed security products that receive the latest threat intelligence.

Proactive Partnerships

W Energy Software stays several steps ahead of cyber-threats by actively collaborating with a number of security partners, law enforcement agencies, and the Oil & Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ONG-ISAC).

Service Organizations Controls (SOC)

Our internal security controls are at full readiness and independently certified by AICPA auditors to ensure the integrity of financial data we host for clients (SOC1 Type II) and the robustness of our information security to thwart cyber-attacks (SOC2 Type II).

Dedicated Information Security Team

With a top tier cybersecurity team certified on the AWS cloud, we have the right people at W Energy Software to continuously monitor, respond, and innovate to keep your data and business critical applications safe.

Cyber-Resilience is Built into Our Team’s DNA

Information security training starts on day one for every W Energy Software employee who must pass regular security classes to ensure that our entire team is prepared with the latest cyber-resilience best practices.

Standing Guard to Protect Your Data

Our Cybersecurity Thought Leadership

Read our blog series authored by W Energy Software’s manager of information security, Michelle Pellon, for the 5 keys to cybersecurity success in the digital oilfield.

ONE Oil & Gas ERP Platform
Built for the Cloud


There are a lot of software products on the market for the oil and gas industry. But there is only one product that boasts a completely customizable, on-site cloud system capable of processing complicated reports in minutes: ours. No black box required.


We charge one transparent fee for our entire suite of software, and over five years, you pay less for better technology. Plus, we don’t charge for upgrades, so you will never receive a surprise fee just to stay up-to-date.


We believe in collaborating with our clients to create lasting partnerships. That means we always provide you with the best possible service at no additional cost. When you tell us what you need, we listen and take action.


We have a single code stream, combining all enhancements into a single annual release and code stream that is available to all clients. No conversion efforts required. Our Support team is on point for the upgrade and go-live support.


Our integrated data architecture allows for unparalleled transparency and visibility. Further, intuitive user experience and innovative design supports rapid adoption and efficient performance so you can empower your workforce while accelerating business momentum.

Ready for the future?