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In today’s digital oilfield, driving down G&A costs and improving profitability depend on your choice of Upstream ERP software. W Energy’s upstream oil and gas software is a unified, cloud based platform for accounting, land management, and production operations. With increased productivity and simple upgrades, our platform provides optimal support and efficiency. That’s why our upstream client count has grown by 80% in the last year as producers increasingly switch from legacy providers to our unified ERP platform built on the cloud.

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Oil & gas producers are under intensifying pressure to drive performance and production to new heights while reducing operating costs and focusing on capital discipline.  But how can producers do more without increasing headcount and overhead?  To succeed in today’s dynamic business and market environment producers must accelerate the flow of data between people and systems, including accounting, land, and production operations.  Your choice of upstream software could be holding you back.

The handful of widely used ERP providers in our industry rely on outdated technology and incompatible components, creating data silos, information delays, and lack of trust in the results.  Unlike legacy oil & gas ERP providers, W Energy Software designed a modern solution on the cloud that brings all of your critical business data, applications, and workflows together in one platform.  The industry response has been overwhelming as upstream oil & gas companies choose W Energy Software as a superior replacement to legacy accounting, land, and production operations software.



Seamlessly integrated with W Energy Software’s accounting solution, our land management suite provides powerful tools to manage your critical lease details, provisions, and division orders. As a result, your team can close out your month and cut checks to interest owners faster than ever.


Switch to the only fully integrated solution for production, revenue, cost, and financial accounting. Rapidly perform monthly allocations and sales reconciliation, manage JIB transactions and invoices, and process revenue disbursement. Plus, manage AFEs, track fixed assets, and gain clarity into inbound expenses.

Production Operations

Equip pumpers, engineers and operations staff with state-of-the-art tools to capture pumper and SCADA data in the cloud, monitor assets with production dashboards, while optimizing production, drilling and well work.

Tax & Compliance

With out-of-the-box support for all major producing states, W Energy Software simplifies state and federal regulatory reporting. Plus, advanced auditing tools keep your organization compliant by tracing revenue at every stage.


Why Choose the
#1 Legacy ERP Replacement Solution?

Drive Performance and Profitability

Connect your field and back offices, automate field data capture, accelerate production allocations, and drop more revenue to your bottom line with modern revenue, cost, and financial accounting tools. 

Get a Clear View into Your Cash Flow

W Energy Software delivers an up-to-date view of cash flow by accurately tracking inbound expenses, joint interest billings, and AFEs alongside revenue and production accounting.


Accelerate Upstream Decisions

W Energy Software eliminates the information sprawl of multiple applications and data silos by pulling data and workflows together on one platform, accelerating processing and collaboration across your oil & gas business.


Unleash Workforce Potential

W Energy Software empowers your entire team with the modern technology they need to work smarter, hit higher production targets, and accelerate growth without increasing overhead and G&A costs.

Streamline Revenue Disbursement

By bringing advanced allocations technology together with division order management and revenue processing in the cloud, W Energy Software simplifies and accelerates payment to interest owners so you can close your month faster.

Increase Confidence in Your Data

Our unified ERP platform accurately tracks every data point from wellhead to the balance sheet, elevating confidence in your data and enabling your team to back trace the accounting movement of oil & gas at every stage.

Empower Staff with Self-Service Reporting

From production and accounting to land and regulatory, W Energy Software equips users with powerful reporting and ad hoc analysis tools so they can work faster without the need to request and wait on custom reporting.


Cut Software License Costs

With W Energy Software, your team has ONE platform for all of your accounting, land, production, and regulatory workflows. As a result, you can streamline your application portfolio, eliminate dozens of point software solutions, and dramatically cut IT costs.

Simplify Disaster Recovery

Can your oil & gas business afford to wait weeks or longer to recover from system failure, fire, or natural disasters?  With W Energy Software your critical data and software are safe in the cloud, ensuring business continuity.

WPX Energy’s Journey to a Unified Upstream ERP Solution

Learn how Julie Mathis, VP Operational Accounting, and Mart Wenker, Director of IT Application Services, recount their decision to switch from siloed, resource-intensive legacy solutions to W Energy Software’s cloud-based ERP solution to cut costs and position for growth.
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There are a lot of software products on the market for the oil and gas industry. But there is only one product that boasts a completely customizable, on-site cloud system capable of processing complicated reports in minutes: ours. No black box required.


We charge one transparent fee for our entire suite of software, and over five years, you pay less for better technology. Plus, we don’t charge for upgrades, so you will never receive a surprise fee just to stay up-to-date.


We believe in collaborating with our clients to create lasting partnerships. That means we always provide you with the best possible service at no additional cost. When you tell us what you need, we listen and take action.


We have a single code stream, combining all enhancements into a single annual release and code stream that is available to all clients. No conversion efforts required. Our Support team is on point for the upgrade and go-live support.

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