Our Next Wave of Growth Positions W Energy Software as the Leader in Energy Transition Enablement

W Energy Software is evolving the way today’s energy professionals work, delivering unprecedented levels of speed, ease of use, and accuracy. To meet the technology needs of today and tomorrow, we are leaping forward organically by expanding into new markets – domestic and international – and growing through acquisitions that complement and advance our vision of the only modern, end-to-end, SaaS energy ERP.

We recently partnered with True Wind Capital to meet W Energy Software’s ambitious goals and fuel our next wave of growth. This is truly about making even more possible. By leveraging the capital and support of our investors, we are beginning an exciting new chapter for W Energy Software and the team that has grown it into a force to be reckoned with. Together, we will sustain our industry-leading commitment to innovation and our clients while boldly positioning us as the leader in energy transition enablement.

At its core, W Energy Software is a master of managing volumes and volatility wherever they exist in the value chain. Our new capital strategy is enabling us to double down on innovation, not just around hydrocarbons but for creating the software needed to manage the entire energy mix, renewables, and power. Bolstered by investment that matches our growth trajectory, we’re going to show the energy industry our full potential and make even more possible.

With so many changes and rapid growth, one thing will never change and that is our close partnership with the energy industry. We look forward to ongoing conversations with our clients and partners to ensure every voice is heard as W Energy Software executes on our business and technology strategies.

Wherever you are in the energy mix, W Energy Software is the enabler of your journey. Crucial to moving forward through that journey are W Energy Software’s exceptional employees. I am so proud of the culture that we have built and our people who have made it their mission statement to always to right by the client. As we navigate growth, success will not only be defined by our technology and market strategies, but also by how well we take care of the culture that has been built over the years. Blending ingenuity, authenticity, and respect, W Energy Software’s unique culture is the cornerstone of all that we accomplish, and by taking care of our people we ensure client success no matter the scale or business complexity.

Thank you to our valued clients and partners, our employees and their families for joining W Energy Software on this journey where exciting innovation and abundant new opportunities are just on the horizon.

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