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Optimize Land
Operations with Precision, Efficiency, and Control. 

Effortlessly track obligations, integrate with ESRI ArcGIS, and connect with W Accounting – all in one sleek suite.

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Take Ownership Over
Your Land Operations.

Unleash the full potential of your land assets with W Energy’s versatile solutions. Custom acreage calculations, effortless obligation tracking, and future-proof planning: Enhance your decision-making, reduce risks, and ensure regulatory compliance with ease and precision.

Calculate the acreage in the way you want

Customize acreage calculations and view all leaseholds in one place for smarter drilling and asset decisions. Make compliance with lease obligations and regulations easy. With simple GIS mapping integration, managing formations and optimizing drilling programs becomes a straightforward task.

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Eliminate missed obligations

Minimize the risk of asset losses like leases, wells, or drilling rights, and manage participation effortlessly. Gather all lease obligations in one view for easy payment tasking with our E Calendar tool. Reduce time on manual data transfers and streamline processes. By integrating land data with financials, you’ll foster better data flow between departments and align them for flawless execution of your business strategy.

Run obligations for any time period

Move beyond the constraints of spreadsheets and outlook calendars; easily grasp your payment obligations by running them over any time period. Whether you’re forecasting the next quarter or year, simplify your obligations review, leading to informed planning and execution.

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Your Land, Perfected

Our feature-rich land solution provides all of this and more: 


Plan budgets and allocate resources effectively for asset management.


View up-to-the-minute obligation tracking to safeguard all assets.


Ensure current, precise acreage calculations tailored to your holdings.


View agreement expirations accurately to predict future expirations.


Capture every legal provision for comprehensive agreement tracking.

Type Agnostic

Manage any agreement type with customizable fields for your every need.


Streamline obligation management with a comprehensive review of history workflow.


Integrate land management and accounting for seamless financial operations.


Access complete obligation history (comments and decisions) for more efficient land administration.