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Optimize your gathering and plant accounting processes and enhance your financial visibility.

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Meet the Leading Industry Solution for Plant Accounting

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Efficient gas processing with advanced allocation capabilities

Streamline gas processing. Ensure accurate allocation of resources and minimize errors.

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Seamless integration with Gathering, Division Order, and Disbursements

With W Energy you will seamlessly integrate with our gathering, division order, and disbursement modules, eliminating data silos and optimizing your workflow.

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Accurate forecasting, budgeting, and contract management

Confidently forecast and budget while effectively managing contracts, ensuring financial accuracy and control.

Trusted by leading upstream and midstream energy companies

Blazing Fast, Accurate Calculations

Our feature-rich midstream accounting offering. Built specifically for your needs.


Slash month-end processing time with ultra-fast speeds—complete reruns in hours or even minutes.


Expand capabilities as you grow your asset portfolio.


Instantly view asset allocation networks with clear, simplified visuals, while viewing results overlaid on the allocation network.


Tailor complex contract terms with user-defined formulas, minimizing external processing.

Contract Setup

Easily duplicate contracts for multiple customers with a simple copy feature.

Access Intuitive
Fee Management

Dynamically group fees with unique identifiers for a comprehensive yet detailed financial overview.


Unify processes across Plant Accounting, Gathering, Volume Balancing, DO, AFE, Revenue, Financials, Assets, Contracts, and more.