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Come join the success story! We’re moving quickly in the world of energy software, building on our solid foundation in oil & gas. We offer great benefits, competitive pay, and the chance to do meaningful work in a crucial industry in a relaxed office atmosphere. Our team is growing fast, and we’re looking for full-time team members who are committed to making excellent products and providing customers with the best customer service in the market.

W Energy employees earn a full-time salary and participate in our Employee Long Term Incentive Program.

Our full-time employees (and families) benefit from a health, dental and vision plan.

W Energy employees receive unlimited sick days and PTO.

We offer a 401(k) plan that matches retirement contributions you make.

Each W Energy employee has a clear path for personal and career growth.

Our Operating Principles

Everyone in our company is encouraged to read the book, Begin With WE: 10 Principles for Building and Sustaining a Culture of Excellence by Kyle McDowell. This book is the core foundation in which we mirror our culture from.

WE lead by example: Setting a standard through one’s actions which others can emulate.

WE say what we’re going to do, then do it: Being reliable and following through on commitments.

WE take action: Encouraging proactive behavior and learning from mistakes rather than remaining idle.

WE own our mistakes: Acknowledging errors, learning from them, and taking steps to rectify them.

WE pick each other up: Offering support and fostering a supportive environment to encourage risk-taking and authenticity.

WE measure ourselves by outcomes, not activity: Focusing on tangible results rather than merely staying busy.

WE challenge each other (diplomatically): Promoting a culture of constructive criticism to drive progress.

WE embrace challenge: Encouraging a mindset of facing and overcoming challenges to spur innovation and improve outcomes.

WE obsess over details: Valuing meticulous attention to detail to deliver exceptional work and meet clients’ needs and expectations

I really like working at W Energy. The way we’re keeping up with market trends and the clear goals from our leaders make a big difference. Plus, the openness in how things are run and decisions are made here makes it a great place to work.

Harish Kale , QA Manager
W Energy

At W Energy, I get the opportunity to work with some of the most intelligent, reliable, and versatile people I’ve met in my career. W Energy is a team made up of people who are quick to take initiative and who work hard to deliver actual, tangible results to our clients. This allows us to build trust in each other and agency in ourselves, and it leads to fantastic product-focused outcomes that I am proud to contribute to.

Jeff Gunter , Product Manager
W Energy

Being part of the professional services team at W Energy Software is gratifying as it allows me to directly contribute to the success of our clients. The collaborative atmosphere and hands-on approach to problem-solving ensure that each day brings new opportunities to challenge myself. The dynamic nature of the role keeps me engaged and motivated to deliver solutions that truly make a difference for our clients.

Amber Dai , Senior Implementation Consultant
W Energy

In my six years at W Energy Software, I’ve come to value the unique blend of innovation and camaraderie that defines the company. As the engineering manager for mobile applications, I work in a fast-paced workplace where keeping on the cutting edge of technology is not just a goal but a daily reality. The “work hard, party harder” culture not only fuels our collective drive for success but also creates a vibrant workplace that I genuinely look forward to being a part of each day.

Shikhil Nuwal , Engineering Manager
W Energy

“Our culture of excellence and outcome-focused approach enables me to experiment, think creatively, and design experiences that help our users to be productive.”

Gaayathri Murugan , User Experience Lead
W Energy

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