Land Management for Your Midstream Business

Precise Planning. Meticulous Reporting. Better Asset Management.

With W Energy, you’ll simplify your land management, keep better track of obligations, and ensure that no detail is overlooked.

Experience Our Midstream Land Solution

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This is what land and right of way management should look like.

Experience relief. Supercharge your land management.

Precision Planning

You need tools. Our platform puts them in your hand. Keep your business current on important dates, industry regulations, and easement management. Confidently drive your business forward and focus on what really matters. No need to worry about missing deadlines or regulations. We’ve got you covered.

Better Asset Management

Maximize collaboration and efficiency with our industry-leading integration of land data and financials. Experience improved decision-making and interdepartmental alignment, enabling better execution of your business strategy. Gain a comprehensive overview of your land assets and financial performance, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and achieve desired outcomes.

Meticulous Reporting

Say goodbye to unreliable spreadsheets and manual data transfers with our customizable reports. Gain accurate and timely information on right-of-way, allowing you to easily manage easement restrictions. Streamline processes and be confident in the accuracy of your reports while driving better outcomes for your business.

Trusted by leading upstream and midstream energy companies

Your Land, Perfected

Our feature-rich land solution provides all of this and more: 


Effortlessly meet your obligations through an intuitive system that ensures precision and accuracy, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward with confidence


Manage projects, easements, rights-of-way, and ensure eminent domain laws are met with dynamic statuses and easy to create workflows.


Seamlessly handle provisions, customizing the system to your unique requirements, providing reliable insights and control over provisions, empowering you to drive success in the ever-evolving energy industry.


Plan budgets and allocate resources effectively for asset management.


View up-to-the-minute obligation tracking to safeguard all assets.


Ensure current, precise acreage calculations tailored to your holdings.


View agreement expirations accurately to predict future expirations.

Type Agnostic

Manage any agreement type with customizable fields for your every need.


Streamline obligation management with a comprehensive review of history workflow.


Integrate land management and accounting for seamless financial operations.


Access complete obligation history (comments and decisions) for more efficient land administration.