Control Your Field Operations with Upstream Field Service Management

Maximize Your
Oilfield Efficiency.

Get smart routing to your high-priority production assets with W Energy FSM.

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Transform your field operations

Enhanced productivity, efficient scheduling, and seamless vendor management.

Enhance Field Efficiency

Intuitive mobile tools equip your field workers for real-time data gathering and task execution. Our user-friendly app makes task management and data capture seamless, ensuring accurate and timely asset coverage. With live tracking, and integrated smart dispatching, field operations and efficient asset management become frictionless.

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Reduce Downtime. Optimize Resource Allocation

Multi-level planning and just-in-time dispatching, delivers operational efficiency, decreased downtime, and reduced costs. Our intelligent scheduling system prioritizes multiple attributes–like task priority, resource skills, and availability, ensuring more cost-effective scheduling and dispatching.

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Better Vendor Management

Enhance vendor collaboration and task management with our Vendor Mobile App. Vendors easily view task dependencies and crew data, enabling optimal resource assignments for the current day, and future planning. Ensure accurate task delegation and efficient workflow management, while driving timely and cost-effective project completion.

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Revolutionize Your Field Service Management

Discover Unmatched Efficiency, Communication, and Insight with Our Advanced FSM

Last Mile Delivery With Best-in-Class Mobility

Equip field workers with an intuitive mobile app for efficient data gathering, task execution, and geo-fenced data management.

AI Driven Dispatch
& Automation

Reduce non-productive crew time with smart scheduling, dispatching, and resource allocation.

Configurable Task Templates, Forms, and Workflows

Customize task creation and management, ensuring efficient execution and resource matching.

Geolocation Tracking
& Geofencing

Utilize live tracking and geofencing for real-time route visualization and effective management of field activities.


Guarantee uninterrupted field operations with offline data capture and sync capabilities.


Get instant data availability across devices for up-to-date field information management.