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Quickly gather real-time intelligence on your production operations. Experience enhanced productivity, improved safety, and significant cost savings – all at your fingertips.

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Capture anything in the field – production, regulatory and compliance data.

Discover the value that FDG brings to your production operations.

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Increase Data Quality

Experience zero data loss and robust data integrity with features like automated validation rules, min/max range checks, and intuitive data logging. FDG lets you capture, validate, and utilize high-quality field data, ensuring accuracy in every aspect of your operation.

Always Connected, No Matter Where

Ensure continuous data capture and syncing, even in remote locations, while keeping your operations seamlessly connected. Features like automatic data recovery, instant alerts, and dynamic routing, keep your team proactive and responsive around the clock.

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Eliminate 2 Hours of Data Capture Every Day

Reduce manual data entry with automation. Streamline workflows, and focus your team on high-value tasks, saving precious time each day.

Trusted by leading upstream and midstream energy companies

Why Do Upstream Producers Love FDG?

With unmatched last mile delivery, built in validations and exceptions, in-app production reports and more, what’s not to love?

Last Mile Delivery with Best-in-Class Mobility

Get fast and accurate data delivery with dynamic routing and scheduling for efficient field operations.

Production Readings

Customize your data capture and configure your allocation methods with visual network diagrams.

Built-in Validations
& Exceptions

Automate data integrity with in-app validations, exceptions, and rule-based data quality controls.

Production Reports

Gain instant access to pre-loaded reporting dashboards for raw production, downtime, and allocated volume.


Ensure seamless data sync in real-time, with automatic updates.


Count on reliable data capture in remote locations without Wi-Fi, ensuring continuous operations– with offline capabilities.