Oil & Gas Software for Upstream Accounting

Streamline Your Financial Operations.

One integrated platform means managing with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy: Revenue Accounting, Accounts Payable, Joint Venture Accounting, Division Orders, and more.

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Streamline Your
Financial Workflow.

Accelerate Accounting Processes, Validate Results with Ease, and Achieve Hassle-free Compliance.

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Faster, Easier Insights

Get a clear view of your financial health and whip through complex accounting tasks in minutes. With W Energy, tailor your reports, adjust financial statements effortlessly as things change, and handle all of it in-house.

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Validate Results Before Posting. Reduce PPA’s.

Trim next month’s PPA headaches with rerunnable monthly processes. Quickly validate your accounting and correct any mistakes with our easy to review result sets and clear insights into those results. Stop dreading that PPA next month!

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Better Compliance. Less Worry.

Ensure every financial transaction is accounted for and reported accurately, preventing errors in the GL for timely, precise results–without after-the-fact fixes. Forget juggling separate charts of accounts for each company—our global chart of accounts means saying goodbye to duplicate setup hassles.

Trusted by leading upstream and midstream energy companies

Faster More Accurate Calculations

Make better decisions with unmatched insights into your financial standing.


Seamlessly integrate AP, AR, DO, JIB, AFE, Revenue, Financials, Assets, Contracts, and more into a single solution.

Chain of Title

Effortlessly map Division Order parties with our Visual Chain of Title.

Make Revenue
Calculations Transparent

Gain clarity in revenue calculations with W’s proprietary Calc Trace functionality.


Streamline data integration with user-configurable uploads.

Data Management

Use Global Business Associates and Chart of Accounts to reduce duplicate entries and maintenance efforts.

Gain Intelligent
Cost Allocation

Take advantage of W’s intelligent, multi-tiered engine for precise AFE and Inter-Company cost control.

Embedded Reporting

Easy access to built-in core reports to keep your business running smoothly. 

Enjoy Seamless
Production Integration

Directly import field production volumes into accounting with integrated production solutions.

Realize Real-Time
JIB Reconciliation

Achieve cleaner JIB runs with real-time reconciliation inquiries and easily rerunnable processes.

DataView Analytics Overview

Powering success through better reporting. See how.

Analytics Overview: DataView