Software Solutions for Carbon Capture Accounting

From Hydrocarbon Extraction to Carbon Injection, manage all your accounting needs in a single platform

Simplify your Carbon Capture Accounting

W Energy offers packages for your Carbon Capture Accounting needs in the same environment as your current oil & gas accounting solutions.

Input Land Ownership

Use the W Energy Division Order module to easily track Interest Owners, and their shares, for proper payment based on the carbon stored in their wells.

Input Royalty Rates

Use the W Energy Contracts module to create Contracts with easy to manage Formulas and Rates to ensure that the proper owners are paid the correct amounts.

Calculate Royalty Payments

Use the powerful W Energy processing capability to easily calculate each owner’s share of the Carbon Capture payment, and utilize features like CalcTrace to see exactly how their amounts were calculated.

Streamline your Software Needs

Meet all your accounting needs in a single, simple platform.


Seamlessly integrate all your needs from Transporting, to Distribution, to final Accounting needs


Gain clarity in Carbon Payment calculations with W Energy’s proprietary CalcTrace Functionality

Optimize Data

Use the same global Business Associates, Wells, and Chart of Accounts to reduce duplicate entries and maintenance efforts.

Enjoy Seamless Production Integration

Directly import the captured volumes into accounting processes with integrated volume capture solutions.

Audit Trail

Having full audit traceability within the system minimizes risk associated with work done outside of a controlled environment.