Oil & Gas Journal Webinar: The New Energy Playbook - An Accelerator for Innovation & Transformation

Leaders in the energy industry are facing their biggest challenge in recent history, regardless of their size or position in the energy value chain. The time is right for innovation and transformation. 

Listen as presenters, Arno van den Haak, Head of Worldwide Business Development (Oil & Gas) at Amazon Web Services, and Brandon Brown, CIO of Laredo Petroleum, discuss the key principles of digital transformation. They will also be exploring Laredo’s blueprint for setting itself up for growth and innovation by embedding digital technologies into its DNA.

In this Oil and Gas Journal Webinar you will learn:

  • A proven approach focused on transformation pathways and principles energy companies can leverage to accelerate their digital transformation.

  • How to assess your organization and identify ‘bottlenecks’ and ‘sacred cows’ that are holding back business innovation and digital transformation.

  • Real-world examples from other energy leaders who are driving operational excellence and setting themselves up for future growth and resilience.

Presenters:  Mark Hill, CRO, W Energy Software;  Brandon Brown,  Laredo Petroleum;  Arno van den Haak, Amazon Web Services


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