Plant Accounting Case Study

Superior Pipeline Company powers large scale natural gas and NGL processing operations across the US, ensures contract and meter accuracy, and rapidly creates accounting reports with W Energy Software.

About Superior Pipeline Company

Tulsa-based Superior Pipeline Company, L.L.C. is a full-service midstream energy company committed to providing unmatched services for gas gathering, processing, treating, compression, dehydration, and marketing of natural gas liquids.

The Superior Pipeline team has been very impressed with the abilities of W Energy Software, it is very user friendly, and we appreciate the quick customer service.

Accounting Manager,
Superior Pipeline

Offerings from W Energy Software

  • Plant Processing
  • Contract Management

Areas of Operation

  • Texas/Oklahoma panhandle
  • Central/Western Oklahoma
  • Southeastern Oklahoma
  • Southeast Texas
  • Appalachia

Supported Workflows

  • Monthly Plant Settlement

Who Benefits?

  • Operational Accounting
  • Management
  • Producers/Customers

Inspiration for Change

Growing Operations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Appalachia

Superior Pipeline Company (Superior) provides midstream services exceeding 384 MMcf/d of throughput and over 578,000 gallons/day of natural gas liquids (NGL). Its growing operations are located in Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, placing an increasing burden on accounting staff to track large volumes of natural gas and NGL through its processing facilities.

Large Scale Volumes and Gas Analysis

The midstream service provider manages 20 assets related to its gas processing operation. Accounting staff wanted to replace manual workflows for recording volumes and gas analysis in multiple spreadsheets with a solution that automates the process and simplifies reporting.

Producer Contract complexity

Superior had attracted a large number of producer contracts. It wanted to efficiently manage pricing and other terms for 260 contracts covering 2,114 meters and better integrate this information within one unified solution for plant accounting.

Benefits of W Energy Software

Impressive implementation and customer focus

Following an onsite presentation of the W Energy Software Plant accounting solution, Superior selected its Plant Processing and Contract Management modules. Accounting staff at Superior report that they were impressed with the high level of knowledge demonstrated by the W Energy Software team and the ongoing service they have received.

Accelerated business performance

Superior’s accounting team is saving significant time every month by importing volumes and gas analysis into W Energy Software’s plant accounting solution rather than manually inputting them into excel. The flexibility and intuitive user interfaces provided by the software have enabled the service provider’s accounting team to accelerate monthly settlement, rapidly allocate volumes, and efficiently scale as their plant accounting needs have evolved.

Bringing everything together for management

Superior has completely eliminated manual, spreadsheet-based plant accounting workflows with W Energy Software’s fully integrated Plant Processing and contract Management modules. This enables accounting staff to quickly aggregate plant accounting data and prepare a single view of asset performance for its management team, a process that was previously time-consuming and labor intensive.