Oil and Gas executives, data analysts and engineers alike should attend this webinar series to gain valuable insights into the world of business intelligence.
Learn to harness the power of data.

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Oil and Gas Data Warehouse Learning Series

We see that Energy professionals are hungry for solutions to solve the ever-growing issue of data management. Energy companies have data warehouses at some level, from Excel to Access to complex data structures to try and solve these problems.

In these workshops, we will educate energy professions about the growing issue of data silos, why they limit company growth, and provide tangible tools to help them solve this ever growing issue. We will also explain how W Energy is solving these problems via it’s new DataView product, and its product path. 

Series sessions will cover the following topics:

July 11th, 2 p.m. CT Session #1 – Scoping the Problem
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  • Walk through pain points of data management.
  • When is the best time to have a data warehouse?
  • What resources are required to have a data warehouse?

July 16th, 2 p.m. CT Session #2 – Design the Solution
Who should attend: Report and Dashboard creators and consumers

  • Identify data locations
  • How often to update your data warehouse?
  • Determine database needs
  • Determine scripting language
  • Determine visualization tool
  • Determine resources

July 23rd, 2 p.m. CT Session #3 – Build Your Reports
Who should attend: Report and Dashboard creators
NOTE: A technical email will be sent ahead of time outlining needed resources.

  • Use Energy Sandbox scripts
  • Connect to Data Warehouse and W Energy DataView
  • Build reports using Data Warehouse and W Energy DataView

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Michael Tanner Headshot in front of Orange Circle

Managing Director, Sandstone Group

Michael Tanner is an oil & gas professional with time spent both in engineering and corporate finance. Currently working with Sandstone Group. His experience includes A&D, M&A, corporate strategy, risk research/analysis, hedging/budgeting along with experience leading IT teams. He is also the co-publisher of http://EnergyNewsBeat.com and co-host of the Energy News Beat Daily Standup.

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Senior Manager, Solutions Engineering

Casey brings over 15 years of Oil and Gas experience as an Asset Manager and Landman, working with institutional funds, family offices, and endowments. Prior to joining W Energy Software, Casey was on the management team for a royalty acquisition fund responsible for the management and deployment of $500M in energy assets. At W Energy, Casey supports our clients by leveraging her experience to solve our customers problems and is committed to ensuring they get the best product and service in the industry. Casey holds a degree in Finance from TCU.

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