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W Energy Field Ops Unplanned Downtime Annual Savings Calculator

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$ 51,328,125

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Innovation is the only way to increase cash flow

Read more how a current customer’s investment in the innovative software solution, W Energy, dramatically increased their cashflow.

Revenue Increase: They attended to distressed, high value assets sooner with W Energy’s Pump By Exception.

Before W Energy, it took the operator 2-3 days to attend to a distressed well producing 20 barrels a day.

2-3 days of downtime meant they were losing 60 barrels of oil every time.

After W Energy they were able to attend to distressed wells in 2-3 hours, there by increasing their oil production.

At $60/barrel*, their revenue boost was significant.

Cost Savings: W Energy enabled them to do more with less in the field.

Field Operators were able to cover a much wider area more efficiently.

At $56/hour, this resulted in significant savings on G & A costs.

Each Operator estimated that they saved 2-3 hours a day with W Energy.

For every 4 operators they had running the field, they were saving 8 man hours; essentially a full work day.