7 Reasons to Replace Your Legacy Plant Accounting Software

Introduction – Why Midstream is Ready for Change

Think about your current plant accounting solution and its capabilities.  What are you unable to do because of software limitations? Maybe you wait hours for system processes to calculate allocation and settlement results.  Or, maybe it’s difficult to answer questions and get data out of the system. Some users look at archaic screens reminiscent of Windows 95.  Worse, you may be forced to constantly perform workarounds just to get your job done.  These inadequacies are frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive. If you are like most midstream accounting professionals, you’re tired of these limitations and ready for a change.  And there is no time like the present for plant accounting software that lets your team achieve more with limited resources, reduces G&A costs, and builds confidence.

Many companies still have antiquated plant accounting solutions whose inept designs make it difficult to use.  Some of the most significant failures of older accounting solutions are the dependence on primitive technology, “black box” calculations, a poor user experience, and support models that alienate users.  Evidence of these shortcomings can be seen in the answers to the following questions:

  • Do you have confidence in your data and how calculations are performed?
  • Does your software look old and is it hard to use?
  • Are you using multiple software packages which do not leverage the latest, fully integrated technology?
  • Are you running an older version of software because it’s expensive and time-consuming to upgrade?
  • Do you rely on Excel to validate results or to satisfy gaps in your plant accounting solution?
  • Does your plant accounting software simplify compliance and evolve with new standards?
  • Does your team wait hours or longer for data to be processed?

Lack of confidence in dated plant accounting software is driving midstream oil and gas companies to seek a superior solution that is reliable and delivers the modern business functionality expected by today’s energy professionals.  So, what does that solution look like?

“7 Reasons to Replace Your Legacy Plant Accounting Software” is a new blog series that explores each of the struggles listed above and provides insight into how W Energy Software delivers the solution.  Be sure to follow this informative blog series every week to learn why W Energy Software is the plant accounting solution of choice for companies seeking a superior, cost-effective alternative to the status quo.  W Energy Software has seen a recent rush to our platform with the replacement of multiple legacy plant accounting systems, clearly proving that midstream companies are ready for change. The key differentiator is confidence—confidence in modern ERP software built in the cloud, our unified approach on continuous improvements, and confidence in the W Energy Software team to stand by our product and customers.

Although change is often met with resistance, we hope this series helps prove why other companies have switched to W Energy Software.  If you’re interested in a change, follow this weekly series, which will show you how to:

  1. Enhance data transparency and accessibility by building confidence in data and how calculations are performed
  2. Replace old screens with a superior user experience
  3. Eliminate multiple, poorly integrated software packages with a unified platform and innovative technology
  4. Move off of older software versions by making upgrades easy
  5. Stop relying on Excel by switching to a complete solution
  6. Ensure compliance with software that evolves with the latest standards
  7. Make waiting on data a thing of the past with fast processing speed.

Ready to learn more? Let’s talk.

This is the introduction of our 7-part series. Read part 1 here.

Blake Fraley, Director of Midstream Implementation Earning a B.S. in Management of Information Systems from Oklahoma State University, Blake started his career with Deloitte Consulting where he worked as a software developer using SAP, report developer, and PMO support. Joining our team in 2012, Blake was the first implementation consultant and helped start the Midstream team. He loves helping clients make a complicated industry easier using the W Energy Software suite of products. Blake enjoys traveling with his family and almost has as much energy as his two young daughters.

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