Carbon Capture Software: Simplify Accounting and Meet Your Sustainability Goals

W Energy Carbon Capture

For oil and gas organizations, incorporating sustainable energy practices and achieving emissions targets are increasingly important. From meeting regulatory obligations to cashing in on government incentives to maintaining positive public relations, it’s essential to keep pace with – and ideally get ahead of – the latest advancements in the energy industry.

W Energy platform supports carbon capture

The W Energy platform has purpose-built the ability to support carbon capture and storage accounting, right along with their normal hydrocarbon accounting capabilities. In partnership with a Super Major customer, we have seen how our solution is able to support every aspect of the carbon capture process, including:

  • Transportation: Track and measure carbon molecules every step of the way, from the refinery to the pipeline to the permanent storage facility. 
  • Division Orders: Manage ownership of the injection wells in order to be able to easily and accurately pay the interest owners for storage of your captured carbon.
  • Revenue Accounting : Maintain and manage contracts of any level of complexity with capabilities to capture various charges based on any number of variable factors.

Unlike other operations solutions, the W Energy platform is completely unified with one central data set for hydrocarbons being extracted and transported to market, and for carbon being captured and stored after extraction. That means the entire chain of custody for carbon capture is managed in a single comprehensive solution instead of multiple taped-together tools. It’s also easier to use for all parties involved, especially field and back-office employees who are already used to the system, for greater accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. It is a huge advantage for you and your accounting teams, as they don’t need to learn a new tool or have to ensure that multiple systems are kept in sync as your working environment changes.  

Best of all, the W Energy platform can support carbon capture today. As soon as your organization is ready to explore carbon capture, we can help, whether that is expanding your current capabilities, or installing a new system to cover all of your accounting needs. And, as processes and regulations evolve, our flexible and configurable platform can quickly and easily evolve, adapting to new steps or requirements. 

Get in touch today to learn more about the end-to-end carbon capture solution from W Energy. 

Author: Casey Harrison, Solutions Engineering Manager

Casey brings over 15 years of Oil and Gas experience as an Asset Manager and Landman, working with institutional funds, family offices, and endowments. Prior to joining W Energy Software, Casey was on the management team for a royalty acquisition fund responsible for the management and deployment of $500M in energy assets. At W Energy, Casey supports our clients by leveraging her experience to solve our customers problems and is committed to ensuring they get the best product and service in the industry. Casey holds a degree in Finance from TCU.

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