On-Demand Webinar: Pioneering Digital Innovations in Upstream Oil & Gas

Explore the transformative power of JOYN FSM, and FDG. Dive into how these groundbreaking digital tools are reshaping exploration, drilling, and extraction processes, driving optimal outcomes for upstream companies. What We Cover in the Webinar

FSM (Field Service Management): FSM helps upstream oil and gas companies manage its field work effectively to ensure the highest priority work is being worked on by the right personnel at the right time and in the right order to realize maximum bottom line value. It helps increase transparency between the field and the back office as well as increasing collaboration with its contract labor staff. 

  • What It Does:

    1. Schedule & Dispatch: FSM helps manage the scheduling, dispatching, and availability of field operators and technicians, ensuring the right resource reaches the right job at the right time.
    2. Route Optimization: Uses GPS and mapping tools to ensure field workers have the most efficient route plan to do their work, saving time and fuel.
    3. Work Order Management: FSM allows businesses to track and manage work orders, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently and accurately.
    4. Real-time Communication: FSM provides real-time updates and communication between the field and the central office or control room or back office. This ensures the timely relay of any updates, changes or requirements.
    5. Reporting & Analytics: By analyzing the data collected, companies can identify patterns, make better forecasts and improve their overall field efficiency.

FDG (Field Data Gathering): FDG helps companies collect data in the field that is related to equipment statuses, readings, and measurements that need to be collected on-site.

  • What it does

    1. Data Collection: FDG systems allow field workers to capture data related to equipment, like tanks, meters, wells, etc., directly from the site.
    2. Trend Analysis: Users can view historical data trends, helping in monitoring the performance of a particular equipment or site.
    3. Automated Data Entry: With features like OCR (Optical Character Recognition), FDG tools can automate the entry of certain types of data, such as tickets, to reduce manual errors and save time.
    4. Exception Management: FDG systems flag discrepancies and exceptions in data entries to ensure high data quality.
    5. Interpolation & Automation: Tools that automatically fill gaps in data, provide carry forward mechanisms, or interpolate data help reduce manual efforts and enhance the accuracy of records.
    6. Customization: These systems allow field workers to customize their workflows, such as reordering tasks based on individual preferences.

Why This Webinar is a Must for Upstream Leaders:

  • Future-Proof Your Operations: Embrace technology advancements and set your company on a trajectory for sustained leadership in the sector.
  • Practical Insights: Not just theory, this webinar provides actionable strategies, live demos, and case studies for direct application.
  • Shrivan’s Expertise: Benefit from Shrivan’s vast experience in upstream operations as he unpacks the potential of these innovations.
Shrivan Kamdar - Product Marketing

Shrivan Kamdar, Director of Product Management at W Energy Software

Shrivan has worked in various industries including Oil & Gas, Chemical Fertilizers, and Biotech/Pharmaceuticals. From 2006 to 2014 he worked for ExxonMobil in a multitude of roles including Environmental Advisor, Process Engineer, Project Management and Risk Management.

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