7 Reasons to Replace Your Legacy Midstream Accounting Software: Introducing a blog series

Woman accountant working on a legacy system

Are you a Midstream Energy accounting leader ready for a change?

Think about your current midstream accounting solution

What are you unable to do because of software limitations? Maybe you wait hours for system processes to calculate allocation and settlement results. Or, maybe it’s difficult to answer questions and get data out of the system. Some users look at archaic screens reminiscent of Windows 95.  Worse, you may be forced to constantly perform workarounds just to get your job done. The pain points of outdated software are many and you’re probably ready for a change.

Many oil and gas companies still have antiquated midstream accounting solutions 

Some of the most significant failures of older accounting solutions are the dependence on primitive technology, “black box” calculations, and support models that alienate users.  

The price of obsolete technology includes:

  • Distrust in the calculations
  • Clunky navigation and inefficiency
  • Disjointed systems = Ineffective workflows
  • Expensive and time-consuming upgrades
  • The Excel Band-Aid
  • Compliance nightmares
  • Endless data processing delays

What does the modern accounting solution look like?
Introducing the “7 Reasons to Replace Your Legacy Midstream Accounting Software,” a new W Energy blog series that explores the struggles listed above and provides insight into a solution. Be sure to follow this informative blog series to learn how to choose a purpose-built, cost-effective accounting software solution.

Change is often met with resistance
Our blog series will help you plan your roadmap to modernization including:

  1. Confidence in calculations and data
  2. Improved user experience
  3. Integrated platform, smooth workflows
  4. Seamless upgrades
  5. Farewell Excel workarounds
  6. Simplified compliance
  7. Data at your fingertips

If you’re interested in a change, follow this upcoming series. And there is no time like the present for a quick demo of the W Energy  midstream accounting software. Feel free to use the Demo Request form as well.

Stay tuned for the blog series!

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