CIMA® ENERGY, LP Selects W Energy Software’s ERP Solution for Crude Oil Purchasing, Marketing, and Tax

W Energy Software, the new leader in upstream and midstream oil & gas ERP solutions, announces that CIMA has signed software licenses for its crude oil first purchaser, marketing, and regulatory reporting software.  By selecting W Energy Software, CIMA enhances its ability to efficiently manage producer contracts, track the complex movement of crude oil through points of sale, and prepare a wide range of state regulatory filings.  Top reasons for selecting W Energy Software include its modern ERP technology stack built on the cloud, extensible architecture, and confidence in the W Energy Software team to deliver a solution that optimizes CIMA’s business performance.

“A warm welcome to CIMA who joins the W Energy Software family at an exciting time of growth that is bringing a new wave of innovation and efficiency to our clients. The reasons so many upstream and midstream companies are rushing to our ERP solutions are equal parts superior technology built on the cloud, a tight partnership with our clients, and flexibility of our software platform and team to deliver exactly what clients need.”
-Pete Waldroop, CEO, W Energy Software

Waldroop added, “when it comes to the unique requirements of crude purchasing, marketing, and trading, that combination of best-in-class ERP technology and flexibility are what truly set us apart from the crowded field of software vendors and why W Energy Software is the provider of choice for those companies seeking a modern alternative to the status quo.”

Headquartered in Houston, CIMA is a full-service oil & gas marketing and producer services company specializing in crude oil marketing, natural gas marketing, supply management for commercial, industrial and retail end-users, asset management, division order and royalty interest administration, transportation, and storage.  Following a head to head evaluation of multiple software vendors, CIMA selected W Energy Software’s crude oil purchasing and marketing solutions, which will enable the service provider to manage purchase contracts at the wellhead from operators, balance purchase and sales for commodities, and manage bulk contracts and outright buy/sell agreements.  The solution also provides physical management of equity products including gas, NGLs, crude and refined products with full invoicing, accounting, and credit management capabilities.

The W Energy Software components that will be implemented at CIMA include Crude First Purchaser and Marketing modules as well as W Energy Software’s State Tax modules for Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.  The service provider is also partnering with W Energy Software on a Risk and Credit Management solution.

Reasons for selecting W Energy Software over the competition include:

  • Best-in-class ERP technology and user experience across a unified database and integrated software suite spanning core workflows including crude first purchasing, marketing, risk management, credit management, and regulatory reporting.
  • W Energy Software’s reputation for customer service and partnering with customers to ensure business results.
  • Fast and reliable processing of settlements and complex calculations eliminates manual workarounds, enables processes to be run in minutes, and builds confidence in the results.
  • The industry’s most comprehensive single platform, modern technology deployed in the cloud enables teams to reduce IT costs.

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