Major Saltwater Disposal Service Provider to Modernize its Field Operations with W Energy Software

W Energy Software, the emerging leader in upstream and midstream oil and gas ERP solutions, announces that a major saltwater disposal solution provider has signed license agreements for its field data capture and operations reporting solutions.  By selecting W Energy Software, the oilfield service provider enhances its ability to monitor complex saltwater disposal operations across the United States, identify trends, and minimize downtime for injection wells.  Top reasons for selecting W Energy Software include seamless integration of disparate field data sources, customization of reports to the company’s unique business needs, and ability to directly access the field operations database for analysis and preparation of regulatory reporting.

W Energy Software’s newest customer is a diversified wellsite services company that provides environmental logistics solutions for oil & gas companies.  Serving basins across the United States, the company specializes in saltwater disposal using pipelines and trucks to transport water to disposal wells for injection.  The company serves many of the largest producers in the Permian and operates scores of disposal wells with a permitted hauling capacity of 500,000 barrels of water per day. It relies on a variety of data sources to track water volumes from the well to disposal site, including automated SCADA systems for storage tanks and pipelines as well as manually recorded data from field staff.  However, the large volume of data streaming in from the field in spreadsheets and physical form created barriers to a clear and timely view of ongoing operations.

The service provider wanted to integrate its scattered field data sources and enable field staff to digitally record water haul data.  It also wanted to better analyze field operations and identify trends, including volume decline in markets across the country and early indicators of disposal well failure in order to prevent downtime.  After evaluating multiple technology providers, the company selected W Energy Software’s field data capture and reporting solutions, giving field staff powerful new tools to manage field data, enabling management to monitor and respond to trends, and streamlining transactions for its customers.  And with easy access to a single and validated dataset, the service provider simplifies the complex task of assembling data required for regulatory reporting.

Reasons for selecting W Energy Software over the competition include:

  • Best-in-class Field Data Capture Technology, integration of SCADA data streams, and validated data entry using FieldApp, W Energy Software’s mobile app for Apple and Windows devices.
  • Extension of W Energy Software’s Cloud-Based Field Operations Reporting and Dashboard to include custom report types and KPIs specific to saltwater disposal.
  • W Energy Software’s Client Data Warehouse, a field operations database specifically designed for customers to access their data directly using SQL and third-party BI tools.
  • W Energy Software’s Reputation for Customer Service and partnering with customers to ensure business results.
  • The industry’s most comprehensive single platform, modern technology deployed in the cloud enables teams to reduce IT costs.

“We are proud to partner with our newest field operations client in the mission-critical business of transporting produced saltwater from well sites and I am confident that our cloud-based field data capture and reporting will provide seamless data integration and the data-driven operational awareness that will drive new efficiencies…Our increasing market share in oilfield water management is a testament to the flexibility of our data and application architecture, proving that W Energy Software truly is for everyone,”

-Pete Waldroop, CEO, W Energy Software

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