Talos Energy Selects W Energy Software’s Next Gen Land Management Solution to Accelerate Acquisition Data Onboarding

W Energy Software, the new leader in upstream and midstream oil & gas SaaS ERP solutions, announces that Talos Energy has signed software licenses for its land management solution. The announcement follows a head-to-head evaluation with multiple legacy land management products, after which Talos Energy selected W Energy Software to manage its leases in the Gulf of Mexico. Top reasons for selecting W Energy Software include next-generation land management and GIS capabilities, rapid importing of lease data from acquired offshore assets, unified cloud-based ERP technology stack spanning upstream workflows, and W Energy Software’s reputation for customer service excellence.

“We are excited to welcome Talos Energy to the W Energy Software family where our latest generation of land management technology is ideally suited to match the scale of offshore operations,” said Pete Waldroop, CEO of W Energy Software.

“The W Energy Software team is ready to go above and beyond for the Talos Energy team to ensure our lease administration and GIS solutions exceed their expectations and that we continually deliver value through tight partnership into the future.”

– Pete Waldroop, CEO of W Energy Software.

Headquartered in Houston, Talos Energy is a leading exploration and production company focused on the Gulf of Mexico, including offshore US and Mexican waters. Between 2019 and 2020, the operator completed 8 acquisitions in its area of interest, increasing lease administration complexity. Talos Energy had relied on a legacy land management product; however, the limitations of the software prevented the operator from realizing optimal integration and functionality.

Seeking the benefits of a modern and extensible upstream ERP technology stack, Talos Energy’s information technology leadership included W Energy Software in their search based on its growing industry reputation for innovative land management solutions and unified SaaS ERP architecture. After comparing the business and technology advantages with two legacy software vendors, Talos Energy selected W Energy Software to replace its existing land management solution.

Reasons for selecting W Energy Software over the competition include:

  • Best-in-class land management and GIS capabilities match lease administration complexity at any scale and enable rapid acquisition data onboarding, setting the producer up to achieve its growth objectives.
  • Unified SaaS ERP technology stack spanning accounting, land, production, and regulatory workflows enables Talos Energy to meet its current land management challenges and seamlessly expand capabilities as business needs change over time.
  • W Energy Software’s superior customer service and reputation for partnering with clients to ensure success made it the clear choice over legacy software providers.
  • Modern applications fully optimized for the cloud reduce total cost of ownership while enabling energy companies to scale with a lean team.

W Energy Software has experienced accelerated market share growth over the last year across all upstream product categories. The cloud innovator continues to see increased adoption of its land management solution as established energy companies and startups look for the operational and cost efficiencies of purpose-built SaaS solutions, including most recently Grayson Mill Energy, Laredo Petroleum, and Killam Oil Company.

About W Energy Software
Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, W Energy Software offers the oil & gas industry’s only unified ERP solution built for the cloud that is relied on by more than 130 upstream and midstream companies to accelerate business performance, improve operational efficiency, and drive costs down. W Energy Software combines precision-built software in one extendable cloud-based workspace with an intimate understanding of the oil & gas business to deliver solutions that offer flexibility, affordability, and continuous upgrades. Unlike other ERP software that loosely ties together a mix of legacy solutions and fragmented technologies, W Energy Software designed a unified upstream and midstream ERP platform to seamlessly track oil, gas, and NGL from the wellhead through transportation and marketing, eliminating data silos as well as the burden and costs of maintaining multiple systems. With W Energy Software, oil & gas companies stay lean and agile with the tools they need to adapt to market changes and meet evolving customer needs head-on, all while gaining the confidence that their business is running on the latest technology. For more information, please visit: www.wenergysoftware.com

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