Transportation Management Case Study

Large bulk commodity carrier reduces costs and boosts profitability with W Energy Software’s TMS, accounting, and tax solutions.

About Trimac Transportation, LLC.

Trimac is a leader in bulk carriers with a world-renowned reputation for safe and reliable service. With over 140 branches and a wide range of experience and services Trimac is uniquely positioned to provide high-quality bulk shipping solutions across North America.

After evaluating the capabilities of 8 TMS software vendors, it wasn’t hard to decide what we wanted to go with. W Energy Software had the combination of technology and industry knowledge that led to a unanimous decision for the Trimac team

Michael Maes,
Terminal Manager at Trimac

W Energy Software Products

  • AXLEHub
  • TollTagger

Areas of Operation

  • All major North American basins

Supported Workflows

  • Crude oil and bulk commodity transportation
  • Carrier fleet logistics
  • Field ticket processing
  • Accounting and AR invoicing
  • Tax and regulatory

Who Benefits?

  • Producers/Customers
  • Dispatch
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Drivers
  • Management

Inspiration for Change

Legacy Software Limits Growth

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Trimac owns and operates one of the largest trucking fleets in North America, hauling an extensive range of products, crude oil, and other commodities with more than 2,000 trucks. Lack of innovation from its legacy software vendor, complexities, and cost of preparing regulatory reporting, and the inability of the software vendor to integrate systems with truck electronic data logging devices (ELD) fleetwide led Trimac to seek another transportation management system.

Inefficient Electronic Ticketing Process

Trimac’s legacy TMS solution relied on large volumes of paper field tickets and a time-consuming routing process, creating AR invoice delays and potential for human error. It could take weeks for pumpers to retrieve field tickets and submit for back office processing, underscoring the need for a more efficient ticketing process to accelerate invoices and cash flow.

Disconnected Back Office Systems Delay Settlement

With disparate systems for managing drivers, field tickets, and financials, closing out each load was a complex and resource-intensive process for Trimac. Adding complexity were duplicate field tickets and manual calculation of accessorial charges (splits, demurrage, and other landed costs).

Back Office Delays Impact Customer Experience

Trimac’s customers increasingly expected supply chain visibility and more timely access to electronic ticketing, however delays from manual ticket processing, duplicate tickets, and resulting delays in responding to requests impacted customer experience. Efficient capture of federally mandated electronic Hours of service, lack of current route intelligence (e.g., bridge restrictions), and increasing legacy technology limitations all drove Trimac’s decision to make a change.

Benefits of W Energy Software

Next-Gen TMS Fuels Growth

As Trimac successfully executes its growth strategy and advances operational efficiency further through digital innovation, the service provider recognized the value of cloud-based transportation management solutions, which offer automation and real-time logistics capabilities to match its growth profile. Trimac selected W Energy Software’s Transportation Management System (TMS) to manage fleet logistics, optimize fuel usage, and accelerate regulatory reporting.

E-Ticketing and Route Optimization

W Energy Software provides Trimac with a robust electronic ticketing system purpose-built for oilfield transportation that enables the service provider to avoid the high cost of satellite communication packages on each truck by leveraging the TollTagger mobile app installed on driver tablets, which seamlessly communicates GPS location and load status even in remote areas through data caching that synchs with the cloud as soon as a cell tower is in range. Leveraging smart e-tickets, the mobile app guides drivers along the best path to pickup and drop-off locations using route optimization technology that minimizes fuel costs and deadhead runs while walking drivers through standard operating procedures for tank strapping and other tasks.

Seamless Integration of the Field and Back Office

Today, Trimac manages its extensive fleet and back office operations with W Energy Software AXLEHub, which provides a single solution for dispatch, electronic ticketing, accounting, and regulatory, enabling it to scale up and accelerate business performance without adding headcount. W Energy Software enables it to automatically calculate accessorial charges, customize rates by customer, easily accommodate different complex billing scenarios, capture driver KPIs, and instantly calculate driver pay and settle loads.

Precision Logistics and Clear Supply Chain Visibility

Trimac has elevated customer experience to new levels with W Energy Software’s TMS, enabling it to automatically assign or reassign loads on the fly, rapidly respond to pick up requests, monitor tank levels, and proactively dispatch to prevent tank shut-ins. What’s more, each of its customers now has self-service access to real time shipment data using a secure web portal allowing users to download reports and track loads with role-based views that are controlled and managed by Trimac.