A Deep Dive into W Energy Field Data Gathering

W Energy FEG software deep dive

Improve Accuracy and Save Hours Every Day 

While the oil and gas industry has been steadily adopting more sophisticated technology, the field is often left behind. Lease operators still operate manually with limited insights. Production, regulatory, and compliance data is written in a notebook, or at best, entered into an app that doesn’t work offline. As a result, lease operators spend hours adding their data into the system – hours that frequently run into expensive overtime and could be infinitely more valuable on other work. 

W Energy Field Data Gathering (FDG) solves this challenge with a mobile solution that lets lease operators capture anything in the field – even offline – and potentially save hours every day. Built specifically for the field by oil and gas experts, it provides an easy, fast, accurate way to reduce errors and spend less time capturing data. 

W Energy saved a leading E&P operator in the Permian Basin 90 minutes of data capture time per day per Lease Operator after conducting a side-by-side experiment with their existing data capture system.

A day in the life of a lease operator with W Energy Field Data Gathering

Let’s take a look at how W Energy Field Data Gathering streamlines the process of gathering production and compliance data.

Joe, a lease operator, skips the office, fires up his FDG mobile app at home, and reviews SCADA generated alarms on-the-go. He reviews prioritized data required, like pressure variance, at his different sites. Also, his inspection data collection is already spread over the month so that it doesn’t pile up at the end of the month, and he doesn’t have to think about it.

His day is organized in 10-15 minutes. As he goes about collecting data, FDG’s data validation rules help him avoid “fat-fingering”; data errors pop up for correction before any data syncing happens. This cuts down the number of data inquiry calls from production, engineering, or other teams, so he can stay even more focused on fixing high priority issues.

At one stop, the data requires accessing previous records and calculations. FDG automatically recognizes stop and does built-in calculations, like interpolation, reducing errors and time taken. Joe simply has to review for accuracy before syncing.

Throughout the day, Joe’s foreman gets real-time live-mapping of his location AND the real-time production numbers as he enters them. This allows the foreman to marshal resources towards bigger problems, especially knowing which resource has bandwidth. Most importantly, the production numbers are coming in near real-time, and the foreman does not have to wait until end of day to retrace anomalies with his team.

What makes W Energy Field Data Gathering unique?

The W Energy Field Data Gathering solution (FDG) is the most powerful and comprehensive data capture application available to oil and gas organizations. Its capabilities include:

  1. An intuitive, easy-to-use mobile app, available on both Android and iOS, that enables lease operators to:
    • Enter data offline, so lease operators can capture readings directly at each site, with auto-sync to send the readings back as soon as the lease operator has connectivity
    • Capture and scan data and images directly from run tickets and LACT tickets
    • Configure assets within a stop and stops within a route based on the reality on the ground, so lease operators can enter data more quickly, accurately, and efficiently 
    • Allocate daily volumes back to the lease operator in near real-time
    • Add rule-based validations that instantly flag missed fields or discrepancies, eliminating errors before the data is submitted and improving data quality
    • Input additional attributes to either a new reading or existing reading to provide extra information
  2. A highly configurable, self-serve admin console that lets back-office teams:
    • Run allocations or generate compliance reports in seconds
    • Configure the well reading screen to show attributes based on the producing method of a well
    • Configure different readings to be assigned to different teams, changes to readings, and carryforward at an attribute level for locations that aren’t visited as frequently
    • Assign respective route(s) to multiple users, assign temporary routes, and change assignments as necessary
    • Access new readings immediately and easily create reports for multiple users and regions without duplicate efforts
    • Edit data as far back as two years and access data even further back
  3. Comprehensive API integration platform, including:
    • Pre-built integrations with leading industry ERPs and key production, accounting, and forecasting systems, highlighted by easy native integrations with W Energy Production and Accounting systems
    • Native SCADA integration
    • Instant availability of master data and reading attributes for reporting
    • Bulk uploads and other functionality without the need for additional development or coding experience

W Energy Field Data Gathering by the numbers

Improving accuracy and saving hours every day delivers significant financial impact across the organization. 

Let’s say a business has 100 lease operators who traditionally spent two hours entering data every day. If W Energy FDG saves even 60% of that time, it amounts to adding almost 15 pairs of hands to the team. Here’s an example:

Number of lease operators
Number of hours typically spent on data entry2
Percent of time FDG can save60%
Total annual hours saved in data capture21,600
Number of days worked by the lease operator in a year
Potential LO FTEs or ‘pair of hands’ gained per year15
$ 540,000

It’s clear: the W Energy Field Data Gathering solution is a proven, powerful, simple way to empower lease operators, get more value from resources, spend less time on manual tasks, and more importantly, make the business more efficient and profitable. 

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