Unlock Your Data Analytics with DataView 

W Energy Blog: Unlock your data analytics with DataView

Actionable accounting insights and analytics in real time 

Many oil and gas organizations have simply given up on getting deep financial insights into their business. They can’t afford a dedicated data analyst on staff. Others have spent late nights deciphering how detailed production and expense data connect with financial data to create a custom Lease Operating Statement needed by morning.

Do those scenarios ring true for you? What would you say to a product which simplifies the process of accessing, normalizing, and utilizing your data without needing extensive technical skills in data analytics? It could integrate with analytics tools like PowerBI, Spotfire, and Tableau, supports your data lake initiatives, and ultimately allows businesses to create reports and operationalize analytics. And oh by the way, it’s available today if you join the W Energy user base.

Let me explain. The W Energy DataView™ product provides customers normalized access to their most important data. Data normalization is the key to being able to organize data in a more efficient, accurate, and flexible way. This functionality is essential for any organization working with large amounts of data, which of course includes all energy companies. It’s a game changer. 

“DataView is transforming how our customers work with data, empowering them to quickly access the most relevant data for their roles. This enables executives to make informed, data-driven decisions that directly impact their business in real time,” explains Casey Harrison, W Energy Solutions Engineering Manager. 

Santanu Malik, W Energy DataView Product Manager, comments “DataView is uniquely positioned to address diverse customer reporting and analytics requirements across varying levels of data latency. Begin your journey with our suite of standard reports by industry experts. From there, seamlessly tailor reports to your specifications or create entirely new ones to visually traverse the entire spectrum from Field To Finance with cross-platform data access.” 

Coupling DataView with W Energy’s embedded reporting capabilities allows you to easily give report access to all your W Energy users without them needing to access your DataView reporting tool of choice. This enables you to create reports to empower your business, and easily disseminate. 

Key advantages of DataView

The DataView advantage is not just the technology, but also the actionable insights and user-friendly experience. Our customers have found three key advantages in using DataView:

  1. Empowering Non-Experts: Get instant, expert-level analytics without needing a data science team. DataView’s intuitive design simplifies data complexity for everyone.
  2. Streamlined Collaboration: Easily integrate multiple data sources into your platform of choice, ensuring consistent analysis and productive teamwork.
  3. Complete Business Visibility: Gain a near real-time, holistic view of your business through comprehensive dashboards that combine data from multiple sources.

DataView features for optimized business intelligence

  • Intuitive Interface: Simplify complex data analysis, making advanced insights accessible even without technical expertise.
  • Versatile Analytics: Integrate with leading platforms like Power BI, Tableau, and Spotfire for flexible reporting and visualization.
  • Tailored Dashboards: Easily create custom dashboards to focus on the metrics that matter most to your business.
  • Proactive Insights: Automate reports and alerts based on your criteria, ensuring timely responses to changing conditions.
  • Real-Time Data: Aggregate data from various sources for a comprehensive, up-to-date view of your operations.
  • Simplified Data: Automate data normalization for easier analysis and faster query processing.

All in all, DataView is another tool in a line of innovations from the W Energy team. We strive to provide the best platform for Energy Companies so you can do more with less, from Field to Finance.  Check out our Products Overview page, or Request a Demo that can be tailored to your business and needs.

Author: Harrison Bedford, Product Marketing Manager

Harrison Bedford is the Product Marketing Manager for W Energy. He has over 10 years of experience working with customers, leading multiple implementation projects, working with internal and external stakeholders on building multiple modules of the W Energy platform and working with customers to ensure that the W Energy platform is tailored to their business needs. Harrison is very involved with the University of Tulsa, where he earned a degree in MIS and Accounting.

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