Measurement Milestones Part 1 – Beginning with the End in Mind

“Carpe diem” means seizing the moment.  We recently seized the moment and announced that W Energy Software is embarking on a journey to build next-generation measurement capabilities for the energy value chain.  Joining us along the way are forward-looking upstream and midstream companies who are helping us shape the future of measurement.

So, what does that future look like?  To help answer that question, I’m starting this blog series to examine key milestones leading up to that moment when we decided to make a bold stride forward and build the next generation of measurement data management.  I’m going to begin with the end in mind by defining what I think a successful measurement solution is, not in terms of features but in terms of core values and principles.

In my two decades in energy, I’ve always been focused on measurement in the field, the office, and in the classroom.  And on the engagement and support side, I’ve been involved with many of our industry’s standards.  As a measurement professional, I’ve relied on various technologies and measurement data management software.

The founder of the most well-known oil & gas measurement solutions was just like all of us who had to manually perform complex tasks in the absence of purpose-built tools, until one day he recognized there was an opportunity to better integrate electronic measurement data.  He seized the moment and built a measurement product from scratch that he felt the industry needed.  He always did right by the client through boom or bust and I always felt that as a measurement user my voice was always heard.

There’s a valuable lesson here that is serving as the basis for what W Energy Software is doing with our measurement solution.  We are going to bring back the voice of measurement users to ensure that all opinions, concerns, and needs are continuously leveraged.  There is an opportunity to further serve the industry I love and be part of important, much-needed change.  We’re going to let the measurement community know that their voices matter and their needs are met.

It’s more than just listening.  Building the future of measurement requires dialogue and continuous collaboration, kind of like building a railroad from two sides of the country that has to meet in the middle.  W Energy Software is laying down track on one side and the industry on the other.  A roadmap for how things come together is essential but so is agility and flexibility to pivot, course correct, and align our measurement solutions with real-world challenges.

Standing still is the fastest way to move backward, which is why W Energy Software has always made relentless innovation a core principle.  That extends to our measurement product.  It’s a commitment to the market and clients that they will always be running their business on the latest technology, technology that is fundamental to accurate volume measurement and cash flow.

The voice of the customer, tight collaboration, agility, and relentless innovation – those are our guiding principles for W Energy Software’s measurement data management solution.  Carpe diem!

Stay tuned.  Over the course of the next few blog posts I’m going to explore why measurement data management needs to change, the perfect storm that is accelerating digital transformation, how W Energy Software’s platform is jump-starting our measurement solution, and the benefits of an industry-led product consortium.

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