Measurement Milestones Part 2 – The Case for Change

I recently started this blog series to provide the oil & gas measurement community with a roadmap for where W Energy Software is headed with our measurement data management product.  In the last post, I defined what I consider a successful measurement product to be in terms of core values and principles, i.e., the destination and what the future of measurement looks like.  Today, I’m backing up and presenting the case for why our industry needs change when it comes to how energy companies manage their measurement data.

Energy companies up and down the value chain face enormous challenges in managing a torrent of data from the hardware (meters, SCADA, etc.) they rely on to book revenue.  Upstream and midstream must track, quality control, and distribute this inbound measurement data, which could be hundreds or thousands of data sources.  The real task of orchestrating the flow is in the database architecture and applications that calibrate, validate, and balance the measurements.  And just like complex physical gathering systems and allocation networks, this digital gathering system evolves over time, underscoring the need for tools that enable measurement professionals to quickly adapt and keep pace with change.

Because the metering and other measurement hardware that feed into measurement data management systems have changed, the software needs to change too.  Measurement professionals need data management capabilities that keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital oilfield and the emerging needs of the measurement community.  Today’s users demand modern SaaS solutions that take full advantage of the cloud and agile technology that can match their complex workflows.

Measurement is an especially important space where dialogue between technology providers and technology users is critical for aligning myriad use cases and business needs.  I’m passionate about measurement, which is why I’m passionate about creating a continuous conversation that bridges what we’re building with our measurement product, WE Measure, and the needs of measurement users.  W Energy Software is returning to customer commitment by centering WE Measure around the voice of the measurement community.

A word about choice.  Energy companies have limited choice when it comes to managing their measurement data.  No matter what industry you work in, choice is always good for the market and software users.  Not everyone’s needs are the same so being able to pick and choose the right software that solves a particular set of measurement data management challenges is a good thing.  And because W Energy Software is leveraging the latest cloud technologies and building in a sustainable, continuous improvement process, I am confident that WE Measure is going to deliver next-generation measurement capabilities for energy companies seeking choice.

We’re continuing to explore the milestones leading to the future of measurement data management in the next post on the market forces that are accelerating change.  The remaining topics in this series will then delve into the nuts and bolts of how we’re building WE Measure on the W Energy Software ERP platform as well as the important role of the Measurement Product Consortium in aligning our direction and the benefits for companies who participate.

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