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XCL Resources

W Energy Software empowers XCL Resources with its full Upstream ERP solution purpose-built on the cloud to solve upstream accounting, production, and land management complexities backed by business process outsourcing from EAG 1source.

Inspiration for Change

Keeping pace with growth

Houston-based XCL Resources set out to build a best in-class oil & gas company that strives for excellence in everything they do. The company was experiencing rapid growth and faced mounting complexities across business processes, including accounting,  and land management. To keep pace with the growth of the company, XCL Resources wanted to leverage cutting edge ERP technology and outsource back office operations in order to accelerate business performance while reducing G&A costs .  

Benefits of Technology and OutSourcing partnership

In assessing its technology and outsourcing options, XCL Resources recognized the benefits of a unified approach that would combine W Energy Software’s Upstream ERP suite for accounting, and land with EAG 1Source, a W Energy Software business process outsourcing partner. The combination would deliver robust technology alongside deep functional oil and gas domain knowledge for outsourcing and augmenting core business functions. 

Benefits of w energy software

Rapid deployment and insights from day one

Leveraging its partnership with EAG 1Source, the XCL Resources ERP solution was implemented in less than 30 days. This included testing and settlement of the producer’s first month of transactions. The solution provides inherent integration between ERP modules to streamline user experience as well as intuitive dashboards and reporting that provided XCL Resources with key business insights from day one. Additionally, the transparency across accounting, and land provides the XCL Resources management team key insight and clarity to effectively evaluate and prepare for future acquisitions.

Accelerating Business performance without adding overhead

XCL Resources now leverages W Energy Software’s unified data model, inherent workflow integration, fast processing times, and business intelligence tools to accelerate performance and rapidly achieve their business objectives. And with 24/7 anytime, anywhere access to cloud-based accounting, and land information as well as on demand business process expertise from EAG 1Source, XCL Resources has the peace of mind that their back office is running on the latest technology and that key business functions are being fully handled at every turn. The combination of W Energy Software’s cloud software and EAG 1Source outsourcing also enables XCL Resources to operate with a lean team while reducing information technology and G&A costs.

XCL Resources

Headquartered in Houston, XCL Resources is a privately held oil and gas company focused on maximizing risk-adjusted returns on assets that require efficient development.

 What distinguishes both EAG 1Source and W Energy Software from their competitors is that they’re very easy to work with, are very transparent with their fee structures, have a comprehensive solution, and are happy to educate me and my team. They have become a part of our team. They’ve been extremely responsive and fantastic to work with. Really fantastic.” 

– VP of Finance, XCL Resources

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