BYOD Powering Oil & Gas Field Operations

In struggling to solve a problem, the solution is often staring you in the face. The problem? Oil & gas operators need timely access to field data, yet manual processes and outdated technology stand in the way. And the solution is just within reach, quite literally.

Why Operators Should Care

A current and accurate view of operations is vital when it comes to making informed and profitable decisions. Daily decisions rely on having the right facts, including production optimization and well maintenance. Yet despite digital oilfield advances, collecting and transmitting field data remains a manual process involving grease sheets and pencils. Its error prone and back office staff often wait days or weeks for the data they need.

Operators face significant barriers to going digital. First, outfitting field staff with the hardware needed for field data capture is expensive. Field hardened laptops, for example, can cost thousands of dollars per pumper. This creates an ongoing series of expenses, including repair, replacement, and tech support costs. Secondly, field data capture apps often restrict users to a single platform or device, requiring an entire organization to switch to Apple, Android, or Windows technology. And importantly, technology pushed from the top down often meets resistance from end users who are often tasked with learning cumbersome software. A grassroots approach is needed.

The Power of Personal Choice

Of the 150,000 people employed in the US upstream oil & gas industry, 65% work in the field. And a significant percentage of these workers are pumpers and lease operators. This translates to thousands of different personal preferences in how field staff want to work with technology.

The solution to transforming the way oil & gas operators collect and leverage field data is in the pocket of their pumpers right now. Whether pumpers carry a Windows Phone, Android, or iPhone, vast potential exists in leveraging these devices to stream field data to decision makers. To unlock this potential, pumpers just need the right app.

The benefits of tapping into the technology pumpers already use and prefer are manifold. By embracing the concept of bringing your own device (BYOD), operators not only eliminate capital expense related to field data capture hardware, they also avoid ongoing maintenance and support costs. But the real power of BYOD is that pumpers can access field data capture apps just as easily as any other app they use, all within a familiar interface.

FieldApp: Field Data Capture Powered by BYOD

A leader in software-as-a-service (SaaS), W Energy Software has continuously evolved our technology to meet the needs of field operations and back office staff. We provide operators choice when it comes to field data capture, including web-based and mobile pumper apps. W Energy Software FieldApp is our latest field data capture innovation, enabling lease operators to record tank events, sales runs, and volumes from their device of choice, including Apple iPhone and iPad. Featuring customizable field operations data inputs and validation, FieldApp instantly syncs field data with W Energy Software’s cloud-based production reporting and analysis tools, giving management, engineering, compliance, and other staff a real-time view of operations.

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